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1. Payment process

Step 1: After logging in, Customer enters into 'Plan & Pricing' section to search and choose the Package that suits Customer’s needs.

MakeQuiz now has 2 Packages with default charges are Daily and Monthly. Each Package has its own parameters and features from low to high, depending on the price of each Package.

In addition, Customer can create the Package to suit Customer’s needs by clicking on 'Self-configure package'.

Step 2: Customer selects 'Buy now', then pay for MakeQuiz by one of the methods stated in Section 2.

Immediately after receiving the notice of Customer's payment, Website MakeQuiz will activate the Package.

Note: Payment expenses will be paid by Customer.

2. Method of payment

Customer can pay for MakeQuiz by one of the following methods:

2.1. Payment via bank account:

  • a. Log in to Internet banking (electronic banking)
  • b. Create a transfer to the following account
  • Account number: 0101001189195
  • Bank: Vietcombank at Vinh Branch
  • c. Enter the exact transfer content received after clicking the 'Get transfer code' button
  • (*) Pay attention to the exact transfer to each dong, enter the correct content without arbitrarily adding or removing
  • (**) Missing bank transfer is not upgraded; the excess transfer is subject to a 10% processing fee

2.2. Pay for MakeQuiz by: International payment card, domestic bank card through Payment Intermediary: VTC Pay, Paypal;

Website MakeQuiz commits to ensuring the strict implementation of the necessary security measures for all payments performed on Website MakeQuiz.